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Experiencing Satori is like waking up. And it is quite scary, too, as the people you know and love are still sound asleep. But you meet astonishing, magnificent people who are also wide awake and they offer you a hand – never pushing, never pulling, just supporting you whenever you ask for it. From now on you see the world through your eyes wide open – you just have to get used to the fact that it feels amazing. And your beloved ones? You can always visit them in your night’s dreams…
Kerstin K., Germany


179 Ryan SpielmanThe Satori group is one of the most powerful ways to look deeply into yourself and discover what you have always been seeking.
Ryan S., UK


The Satori process is a peak life experience, masterfully conducted, challenging and deeply revealing, this is a must for those seeking fundamental truth and fulfilment.
Seth G., USA


Ich habe den Satori-Prozess als sehr tiefen Einblick zu mir selbst erlebt. So schnell und einfach zu meinen täglich wirkenden Überzeugungen zu gelangen, war erstaunlich. Durch fragen und antworten im Wechsel, erkannte ich mehr und mehr mein Wesen. Die Findung der eigenen wahren Antwort erleichtert mir das Verstehen von Allem im jetzigen Sein.
Pia F., Germany


Wer bin ich? Die erste und wichtigste Frage beim Satori-Prozess. Eine mühsame, oft tagelange Suche – bis ich plötzlich erkenne, dass die Antwort schon immer da war – nur ich selbst war immer woanders. Es ist wie ein Nachhause-Kommen.
Peter B., Germany


“I woke up this morning – like every morning during the Satori process – feeling this wonderful pulsation in my body. A powerful vibrating and I feel immediately in contact with myself. To say “thank you so much” would just be a small fraction what I would like to express. And now I cry and smile again because I know that Paul said it over and over again: that the Satori process is a wonderful tool to get this glimpse of waking up, to really see my behavioural self and feel how it feels like when I am beyond “all this”. I had no idea how true that is. And I’m sure Paul said it differently – these are just my words right now.

But how to explain Satori to somebody who’s got no idea what it is and who hasn’t experienced it? What I can see is, that through this structure we were given, I finally forced myself to look at and feel “all this” that I put in the way or where I am holding. But THE one wonderful present I gave myself is presence. Well, it’s not actually a giving to myself but it points to it. So now I say “thank you so much” to you and to myself that I finally went to do the Satori process – and it will continue …
Natascha J., Germany


The SATORI process for me most of all meant encountering an incredibly rich inner diversity. How ever-changing and copious this flow is that I am used to call “I”. And how much joy there is in presenting the gift of my pure presence and focus to the person opposite – and in receiving that same gift in return from them!
Heike M., Germany


The SATORI process is a way to share the truth in all the vulnerability and beauty arising from that. Walking this path can be very beautiful and awful, too – all in all it enables me to be deeply happy with whatever is. Maybe the most beautiful aspect of SATORI is that Clare and her work supports me in being my own source of realization.
Johannes M., Germany


SATORI gave me the power to return to my source, with love and honesty. I realized “I am the creator of my life” – and I am co-creating this world.
Bettina W., Germany


I never would have thought how much beauty is to be found within a single question, for example “Who am I”. SATORI revealed to me, how strongly construed my image of myself and the world was… SATORI was a wonderful adventurous journey, undertaken with the help of many companions, to search for my core and vulnerability and the heroine of this quest was no one else but I myself.
Susanne L., Germany


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