New: Satori Facilitator Training

Satori Facilitator Training with Clare SolowayApprenticeship programme with Clare Soloway

Mastering the art of facilitating a Satori requires exceptional skills and experience.

This Master programme with Clare Soloway will train you to become an exceptional Satori Facilitator. It is a one of a kind personal training of the highest standard that leads to an outstanding qualification. Embracing your inner wisdom and maturity you will develop and fine tune the skill of having insight into people’s processes.

Clare’s Master programme is for you if your priority in life is to wake up. As you go through the programme you will be developing your own unique way as a facilitator as well as experience the powerful impact and great benefit this training can have on your life.

This apprenticeship programme is a unique opportunity for you to work closely together with and learn from Clare. Her training approach is natural and grounded. Clare has been a psychotherapist, group leader and an explorer of the uniqueness and the mystery of human beings for over 40 years. Her exceptional skill as a facilitator come from offering both a deep nurturing and uncompromising clarity.

If you are interested in this training send Clare an email for more details.

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