Individual sessions

Individual Sessions

Clare sees people on an individual basis, both in London and by telephone from France. Her sessions are a combination of therapeutic insight work, mentoring and coaching. Some people come for sessions once a month and see it as a place to both review and move forward in their lives.

Face to Face

Since Clare has been living in France she usually returns to England for around a week each month. Many people enjoy the chance to have a monthly session to review, catch up, maybe look at issues that have more recently arisen. It’s a space to be heard and to talk things through with another person who has the clarity to help someone see beyond any blind spots – and to go to another level of self awareness and understanding. Frequently people describe these monthly sessions as being a chance to look at issues with much more clarity and they nearly always experience a sense of relief and freedom at the end of a session.

By Telephone

It’s becoming much more usual to do telephone sessions when Clare is in France. They work very well. There’s an intimacy and relaxation in these sessions which is surprisingly freeing and without a feeling of pressure that there may sometimes be in face to face sessions. They work particularly well for people that have either met Clare in groups or individually before. They can of course be as frequent as an individual wants and there is possibly an added depth due to the relaxation of being able to call from your own home. About the session Clare remarks “I am constantly amazed at how intense and yet supportive this telephone work is.”

Couple Therapy

In every relationship there are times of frustration, feeling stuck, not seen and sometimes we wonder if it possible to continue to be with this person. The presence of a skilled and knowledgeable third person can be enormously helpful in coming to a place of clarity, of identifying blind spots and, very importantly, feeling as if we are actually heard by the other. Working in this way with a non-judgemental third person usually brings a deep sense of relief as we can finally come to speak our truth freely. Patterns we have been locked into over time are identified and feelings are more openly expressed.

One of the astonishing alchemies that occurs in these sessions is that when we finally say the things that we have kept inside, tell the truth, we see the other with more understanding and compassion. The sessions will often lead to a far deeper level of intimacy and caring than we ever felt possible. And sometimes they may lead to a couple finding that it’s no longer appropriate to be together – but in a way that is without resentment and bitterness.

A relationship is an opportunity to see ourselves with the help of the mirror of another, it’s a place where our greatest growth and understanding can happen and where we can re-discover ourselves and each other on the deepest level.



Individual sessions: £65/€75

Couple sessions: £65/€75

In person in London and by Telephone from France.

To book a session email Clare or use the form below or +44-7939-060108 (text only)


In addition Clare works with therapists who require supervision on their client work. For more information see Supervision Sessions »


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