Some musings on not-knowing…

Some musings on not-knowing…

I’ve heard endless things about the merit of the state of not knowing and I can honestly say that at this point in my life I am really not very sure of very much – actually not anything.

However, it doesn’t feel full of a compensatory awareness, just a little bewilderment – and also quite a lot of relief.
All my life, from school, work, relationships with friends and lovers it seemed imperative that in order to have some credence, to be accepted, indeed to be loved, I really ought to know. Exhausting.

It has become most obvious in my work.
When I sit with someone to share my insight – without having to know or to get it right, everything is very simple and something just flows through me and there is no effort involved.

It’s not thought through or calculated, or the result of years of psychotherapeutic study (although there have been many years….) it’s just a sharing in that moment, and usually it seems to be from the heart – at least I think it is, but of course I don’t know that either!

Well, if I left it there it would all be very simple (and probably is) but the fact seems to be that the route to this comparatively laid back state has been about travelling so many roads, having so many experiences and making many mistakes.

When people come to the Satori group I keep emphasising that the Satori experience will come from within – not from anything they know, have been taught or read. It comes in a single moment of awareness – a moment of non-doing – pop!

The paradox is that people usually have to work very intensely, and really want and strive for the experience, often with struggle, resistance and fight – but never to give up or deviate from the focus of reaching the moment of Satori.
Just like life really….

What an adventure!


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