Living in a Symphony

Living in a Symphony

Here in this stunning rain forest area of Australia at Quindalup and this morning realising that everything is a part of a vast symphony – sometimes my very own and then suddenly understanding (remembering) that I’m part of this huge orchestral whole. Sweeping chords and a vast swelling of sound in one moment and a collapse into discord and chaos in the next. My mind frantically trying to work it all out until, in this moment, it just doesn’t matter, it’s all part of the same marvellous symphony.

I’m staying in a little cottage which is being offered to me for as long as I like by Paul (Lowe) my first husband and co-parent of two amazing daughters. Now HE is something else!  Or somewhere else. Generous, wanting to share and give everything possible to me, infinitely patient with my obdurate incapacity to grasp what he sees as the most simple and ordinary truth in this very moment. He tries again the next day – and the next and then he brings in re-enforcements in the form of an enlightened neighbour, Diana, or his partner Sabine who is also struggling but, I am told, with rather less resistance than me. I begin to feel as if I must be the most resistant controlling human being to cross the threshold of Quindalup (there’s an ego trip for you!) – and THAT’S just a part of this orchestral symphony too!

The very vibration of this place is orchestral, the birds, the cicadas, the trees which seem to be sending out the same message, vibrating in the wholeness “It’s all perfect, exactly as it is, no matter what happens”.

Each day unfolds with infinite potential. I meet up with an old friend, Turiya, and feel so much love. Go to an amazing talk with a man who pours out energy for four hours, Bruce Lipton. I come away realising that this whole 2012 crash into chaos is not just about financial collapse, unscrupulous world governments, religious insanity, wars which are based on greed and masked as philanthropic rescue missions – something else is happening…..  An opportunity for exponential change. Change which we are part of and which will bring an exceptional opportunity for growth and potential for humanity. I felt joyous when I left Bruce’s talk and full of gratitude for this exceptional time we are living in. (Watch a video of Bruce Lipton » )

Each of us is so infinitesimally small but there is something very enormous that we can do – and so easily, simply! We can give, receive, share, be grateful that it doesn’t matter how big or small the gifts we have to give are, the blessing is in the giving and receiving and how our hearts are filled in that. In that moment of giving and sharing we become magnificent and connected to the vast orchestra – we become the whole, not separate – a tiny spec and also the universe.

I have a son-in-law who is one of the most generous people I know. He actually constantly looks for opportunities to give. He is also a wealthy man and that gives him a wonderful ability to give on a larger scale than some of us. He steadfastly refuses to sign up to anything “spiritual” but he is uniquely and without any fanfare deeply able to perceive a need in a fellow human being and in that moment to act, to do something to help that person – and he’s always so delighted to have the opportunity. We were on holiday in Dubai recently, the land of the haves and the have nots, and Michael saw an opening to give to a young woman who had very little – it was a joyful moment and her receiving and gratitude touched all our hearts. It inspired in Michael a project which he called Random Acts of Kindness. (Learn about Random Acts Of Kindness »)

Of course it doesn’t have to be about giving money, it can be in a smile, a feeling of empathy, a thought, a gesture. What can I give today, what can I give in this moment? What a blessing to be able to give – and to receive, to feel gratitude. The swelling of the sublime orchestra……….

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I encourage all of you to come to the Satori process this year – it’s a very exceptional group and an experience of giving and receiving which will fill your hearts with gratitude. Here’s a vignette of someone’s experience and the abundance of this group.


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