Simply Magic

Simply Magic

The Alchemy of Giving

It’s always been obvious to me that generosity and sharing brought feelings of joy and a sense of expansion. In contrast, not wanting to give, a holding on, a certain miserliness brings the sense of contraction, the feeling that if we give we will somehow loose out, not have enough for ourselves – may not even survive……

It makes total sense then to see that when we give we live in a state of expansion and when we withhold we live in contraction. Expansion is full of joy, of being in the heart and feeling vibrant and alive. It isn’t just about material things – it’s about love, warmth, listening, being with another, sharing anything that we have – and the alchemy is that whatever we share, give, comes back to us in abundance.

Giving is a transformative energy and in that energy we expand, and in not holding back we go beyond our limitations experiencing ourselves as part of the wholeness, the oneness of the universe. When we allow ourselves to deeply give, to share everything a miracle happens, a transformation.


Simply Magic

Last week I sat with a man who has discovered how miraculous it is to give. He is a millionaire and the director of a successful company. He has just embarked on a huge project to set up schools in one of the poorest countries in Africa by giving a share of all the profits of his company and all his employees are joining him in this project. Many lives are being changed, the children’s very clearly but also the people who are becoming involved in this massive project – his employees and many other people who know him and want to be part of what he’s doing. There is a sense of ripples rapidly becoming waves as people come together and experience the magic that happens when they give. Just for the joy of giving.

I also sat with a close friend of mine who is a nurse, and one of the most generous and caring people I know. She told me how she had been treating a patient that day who came into the surgery to have a huge and very smelly wound on the top of his head, oozing puss, dressed and cleaned. He kept apologising to her, feeling embarrassed that she would have to touch and clean out and dress the putrid wound. She told me how she had felt so much love and tenderness for him when she was taking care of the wound and how humbled she felt to be able to give to him in this way. He had tears in his eyes as she finished and told her how much gratitude he felt.

Different ways of giving but each came right from the heart and with a gratitude for being able to give and to share. And a recognition of the abundance that showers back like a blessing on the giver. It is a transformative alchemy, an expansion into a joyous unity with the Universe. Magical really!


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