Falling In Love With Yourself!

Falling In Love With Yourself!

Since returning to France earlier this month, after the last Satori group, I have been very much alone. Some friends who live close by, a man I spend time with who touches my heart, but, essentially always alone. Even when there is another with me. There is no-one I can relate to or share with from this utter aloneness. It sometimes feels very lonely and I also know that this is essential for me right now – in fact it’s perfect.

I mention all this because I can sense it is a place that many people are struggling with at this time. It’s actually an existential reality of life and one that most of us run away from because it feels like emptiness and we try to fill up this emptiness. So I’m sharing it to reach out to all of you who are consciously facing this aloneness, not to escape from it, because we can’t – simply to share with all of you who are facing the depth of this reality at this present time – as a fellow traveller.

Last week I wrote to the people who participated in the Satori group in Germany and much of what I said has a relevance to what I’m trying to describe because it’s just about being with what is. After the group a number of people wrote to me asking how to stay in the live energy of the Satori process. The following is a part of my reply, which I am including here as it has a relevance to us all:


Falling In Love With Yourself…

What that really means, in the way I’m seeing things, is making yourself the priority, your awareness, your waking up – the priority. We so often look to the outside, falling in love with another, money, approval,  success in others eyes and we remain unfulfilled and wanting more. We stay trapped in wanting things to change, to be different. Living for a future time, a dream of when we will find happiness.

When we change our focus to our own process, our awakening, to whatever is happening in this moment we are falling in love with ourselves, caring for ourselves, noticing whatever IS right now. Very simply, whatever is happening in this moment, whatever the experience, nothing needing to be changed – only felt, seen, included – exactly as it IS.

This is precisely what we experience in a moment of realisation in the Satori process. Whatever the question it is so clear that the only thing that has ever been in the way of seeing the reality of what is has been our judgements, our wanting things to be different. Whether it’s about ourselves, another, life – in that moment we see with astonishing clarity how we have been viewing everything through a cloud of our own projections and judgements – and when we see everything so perfectly there AS IT IS we become free.

Some of you have written asking how to stay in touch with the experience of Satori, saying how difficult it is when returning to the everyday world you are living in. The fact is that trying to stay in touch with a past experience is just wanting things to be different. And that’s fine too!  Also to be included “Wow – here I am in this moment wanting things to be different!”  It’s hilarious when you really see it. And in that moment you are in love with yourself! Such a journey and such a miracle… Every moment and experience is always FOR you, nothing needing to be changed – another opportunity to be with yourself and whatever is happening right now – and it’s transforming.

With love,



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