What a wonderful word…… It connects me to a vibration, a certain resonance when everything is right, at ease, in the moment. The times I experience it most profoundly are at certain moments of working with people when there is a realisation of being in a deep connection. It can’t be formulated or contrived – it just happens and the other person and I are simply there, utterly present in the moment. Such a blessing for both of us.

It happens very frequently in the Satori process. Sometimes in an individual meeting with a participant and sometimes during a talk to the whole group when there is suddenly a certain resonance in the room.. It’s as if we collectively fall into something which is unnameable but tangible. And it can’t be ordered on demand, we are simply in it. One of the miracles of the Satori process.

And there are many miracles during a Satori group. Perhaps the most amazing is that when the particular clarity comes in the moment of “getting it”, the moment of a Satori when there is no doubting that this is the truth. One’s OWN truth – pure, innocent, undeniable and so very obvious.

It’s now about half way through the Satori group year, between the groups in England and Germany. I want to reach out and connect with all of you who have already taken part in the process and also to invite those of you who haven’t to participate in this coming year. To me it is without doubt the most potent process where the astonishingly simple experience of truth takes place.

People often ask me about how to stay in touch on these deep levels between groups. As I see it the Satori process opens a door and gives not just a glimpse but an experience of reality – and then each of us can so easily fall a little asleep again, slip back into old patterns – and actually almost forget. The journey that Satori opens up is never ending and feels to me that it connects us to the most profound journey we will ever make. We penetrate to a place of the deepest clarity in which we know that this is really IT. We realise that we are utterly and completely responsible for ourselves on every level – but it is easy to forget the immediacy, the undeniable experience of truth.

We do need to stay in touch to keep remembering ourselves in this life journey. We can do it in many ways – through books, through connecting with other people with whom we can share, with certain people who are deeply committed to this inner exploration in themselves and are able to communicate from their own experience. And of course through the Satori process whenever and wherever it’s available. Most important is our commitment and that we make this search for our own truth a priority. The ultimate adventure!

For anyone who would like to get some support right now I’m always available on Skype or telephone for sessions – Skype works really well. It can be very helpful to talk through certain issues with which you may be struggling, to get some outside clarity, or simply to have a reminder, a check in, at this time of year. And, of course the Satori group space is there for you again in the summer in either the UK or Germany – or better still both!

With love,



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