Sending Love

Sending Love

Last year I was in a car accident when someone shunted me from behind and my car was overturned on the motorway. No-one other than me was hurt and my injuries were really quite minimal – but it had an effect on me which was beyond any physical injury and the brief time of being unconscious. I was deeply shaken at the centre of my being – in some way my old self was broken … .

I became aware that the invincibility, the strong woman that I had always clung to was something that kept me apart, separate. Acting a part that I was conditioned to believe, and this conditioning was so deep that I really felt that without it I would be inherently unloveable – without it I could not survive. I feel so much compassion and tenderness for this part of me. I am so touched by the pain that I have lived in all these years feeling that I was just not enough. And I feel so loving as I see the fragility of the part of me that has had this incredible lifetime of learning. 

This journey of the soul is so profound and I see more clearly now than ever before how every one  of us is striving toward realisation – we are truly courageous and so very brave, each one of us. And some are struggling in so much darkness and others feeling the light of the angel inside. It’s all so immense. I am in awe. So much beauty in everyone. What a planet.

I feel so grateful to you all – the people who have worked with me in the Satori group, the people to whom I have been a therapist – in fact it has been in working with you all that I have felt the closest to experiencing connection and the purity we share. I am so happy to have loved and been loved by people who know me beyond the image I have presented, my teachers, beloveds and friends. Wonderful and special people in my life.  

Sending love,


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