The May Satori

The May Satori

January 2015

Just before Christmas I wrote a newsletter about a car accident I was in and the effect it had on me. Many people responded to my letter by saying how much they had been touched by what I had said and sent their love and healing wishes. I felt overwhelmed by the depth and sincerity of that response. I had reached out to share something of what had happened to me – and what came back was a wave of love and appreciation.

This depth of being touched and encouraged by another human being is one of the significant things that happens in Satori. It happens between all the people who are participating and it enables a very unique space to be created – a particular alchemy. I see it over and over in the group as people go deeply into the process. It takes a little time usually for the alchemy to emerge – it doesn’t have to but it’s often so difficult for us to realise that this process is for us. Our conditioning has programmed us to protect and defend ourselves from pain and we have to learn, trust, that nothing is against us in this space. Actually not anywhere but that realisation is more difficult – and it is part of the deep learning of Satori.

Everybody in the group touches and supports each other and a bond is formed. At first it’s subtle but as the group progresses the humanity, commonality and unique beauty of each individual touches and affects each other person there – and a transformation happens. It happens out of the loving space which we are all in. I am full of gratitude for the touching that happens for me and the whole group in this amazing process.

In May a new opportunity to experience the grace of Satori will happen. In a month of rebirth and Spring in the beauty of the English countryside – I invite you to join me, to immerse yourself in this transformational process.

Sending so much love to you all,