The Spaciousness of not Knowing

The Spaciousness of not Knowing

From our early childhood we are told by the many authority figures around us – parents and teachers, the books we read, the religions we are born into – what the truth is – according to them. But many of us as we grow up look around and begin to question these authorities – very healthy! Too often though we replace these early assumptions with other new truths that we find for ourselves from new teachers, new authorities……

The Satori group is about finding your own truth. Nothing you are told, or have read, or heard – but a deeper knowing that with a sudden clarity emerges from your own unique experience. It is all there inside each one of us and the challenge is to embark on a journey where we leave certainty behind and step into the vastness of not knowing.

This is the essence of the Satori process. It’s a journey we take with a group of others who have come to an understanding that we don’t have to accept what is told to us by people to whom we give authority, world views that we have come to accept – and that with the support of this exploratory and extraordinary six day process we can continue on the quest, the insistence that we find out own truth, our own integrity, our own authority. This quest requires courage, a willingness to face our aloneness and to continue in the face of knowing that all we can be sure of is that we don’t know.

For me it’s the greatest adventure. It’s one that requires me to continually let go of certainty. I do hope you will join me in for the Satori Process this year to fly onward into the spaciousness of not knowing – embraced within a group of others, beautiful people who will be coming together to celebrate the joy and the truths that we will discover alongside each other – and yet alone.

With love to you all,



“Sell certainty and buy bewilderment”


For details of the structure of the Satori Process see: ” Satori – The Group Structure”

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