Immersion and Satori

Satori-diadsA couple of months ago I had an experience in which I realised so many things that I thought I already knew and my life has fundamentally changed. It’s about being immersed in the experience of life. Being in it in every moment. And for me that also means immersing myself in noticing when I’m not immersed! It includes everything – so it’s actually impossible not be be immersed. Just like the analogy of the fish asking what is water. Cute really.

And so to the Satori group – a group I first encountered 45 years ago when it was called an Enlightenment Intensive and which was originated by a remarkable man called Charles Berner. I changed the name to Satori when I started to facilitate the process – it felt authentic for me – and I have been facilitating Satori groups ever since. It is an utterly beautiful process. What is so amazing about it is that it has developed, changed, become more inclusive and transformative as time has passed. In fact it has changed completely on an energetic level (many times) which seems to have paralleled my own journey of discovery. The basic structure remains the same – but the alchemy is totally different, the vibration is at a completely other level.

This structure is a quite exquisite format, a framework, which facilitates a transforming process . It enables a process of immersion that leads to realisation – just like life! And that is the realisation that I am now living with in each day, the depth of knowing that life is always for me. It is all perfect in each moment.

My response to this experience is to want to share it. And that brings me to a another truth which is that in sharing I receive so much. I feel so grateful that so many people have allowed me to share and learn with them over many years. I am also aware how blindly I have staggered along and how many mistakes I have made but each mistake has been another part of learning.

So I want to thank you all for everything you have given me – and how privileged, touched I feel that you have been open to receiving from me as I have also received each time we have truly met each other. It’s a mutual process of sharing. And I feel very strongly that this work we will be doing together in the Satori groups this year will be at a deeper level than ever before.

I want to invite you from my heart to join me in these Satori experiences. It will be different because as I fall more deeply into this immersion, the focus of waking up, their is so much joy and realisation of the gifts we all can give to each other. Together we will create an energy which opens a path to an even deeper realisation of what is and experience this in a shared alchemy of giving and receiving. …. Marvellous.


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