Satori participation question

Here’s a vignette of someone’s experience and the abundance of this group. It raised a question regarding future participation in the Satori which might be relevant for a few people.


“I have a slight problem concerning my participation this year. After I returned from Satori last year my change was apparently so infectious, that it convinced my sister and a good friend to participate in this years Satori, too. Additionally the new on-off relationship of my ex husband, who heard from me about the Satori as well, wants to participate, too.

The whole constellation with her, my ex husband and myself is currently very difficult. Now I am very worried that I won`t be able to let myself go during the process and stay with myself if so many people who are either very close to my heart (my sister and friend) or with whom I have a very difficult relationship (my ex husband) are all there too. There is so much going on in my life, it’s like a roller coaster ride the whole time and Satori feels like getting away from this ride taking a break. But if the roller coaster is coming with me, I am afraid that I don’t have a chance of feeling calm and within me.

Do you know what I mean? Do you have any experiences with this? I’d really love for people to enjoy Satori as I love the process. But right now I am thinking whether I should not join this year. I feel sad because I was so much set on participating and it felt like “being my thing” and suddenly so many others are involved. Perhaps it wouldn’t turn out bad at all but somehow I am scared that it could.”


My Reply

Lovely to hear from you. It’s always so heartening to hear from someone who has really grasped the enormous opportunity that Satori offers and has run with it as you have. First I want to say one very important thing in response to your concerns. EVERY Satori group is going to be an utterly different experience. Sometimes people come back expecting a repeat of the first satori’s they had and spend a lot of time trying to recapture the “high” rather than coming with a readiness for whatever experience is appropriate for them in this moment. And one thing I can say about Satori is that it offers many many different experiences.

The second thing I want to say is that the dynamics of so many mixtures of relationships being there in the group is clearly a very huge opportunity for you. When you say that you’re concerned about not being able to let yourself go during the group and be there for yourself, you are missing something exceptionally important which is that your relationships with others are ONLY about yourself – the other is always a mirror. A wonderful quote which is very relevant is: “You can never put your foot in the same river twice”. This seems to me to be offering you a very amazing new place to be in the river. So what I am saying is that, far from this stopping you being deeper in your own truth, it is a quite unique way to go to a new level – don’t miss it!

Another point to really keep in mind is that all these people who are coming because of their seeing the effect the group had on you are totally responsible for themselves. Don’t forget that. It’s a trick that we often fall into in our relationships that we feel responsible for the other and this will be a huge reminder of that for you. They are each of them on their own journey, no matter what happens for them in the group.

And finally, what an amazing gift you are bringing to these special people in your life by bringing them to the enormous wonders that Satori can offer. Whether they “get” it in the same way that you did is another matter. They will all get exactly what they are open and ready for. You also say that you won’t have a chance of feeling calm within with these people there. If the calm gets disturbed by anything outside then it’s clearly not that ultimate and lasting place of peace “that passeth all understanding” that I know is what you are ultimately searching for. What a lovely lady you are.

With love,


I encourage all of you to come to the Satori process – it’s a very exceptional group and an experience of giving and receiving which will fill your hearts with gratitude.


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