Supervision Sessions

Supervision Sessions


Clare works with therapists who require supervision on their client work. Although Clare sees people face to face whilst in London she most frequently works on the telephone.

It has become an obligatory part of therapy and counselling that practitioners are in supervision with a senior practitioner to discuss their client work. This is necessary in order to have an outside experienced person to support and help them maintain clarity in the work with their clients. Sometimes we are too involved, too close really, to be able to see with the perspective of the third person, the supervisor, who can bring fresh insight and understanding to many situations.

Clare has been working as a supervisor for very many years as well as being the core tutor and facilitator on a Clinical Supervision training. Supervision also includes issues that may arise in the therapists working environment. Organisational issues may in some cases really undermine the therapists work with clients and discussion with a focussed outsider will frequently help such issues to be resolved amicably.

In this way Clare’s work with psychotherapists and counsellors has also extended to mentoring and coaching people in developing work projects, consultancy and trainings.


Clare is available in person in London and by skype or telephone in France.

To book a session and for cost details email Clare  or telephone +44-7939-060108.